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Phoenix & Peony sash

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100% silk (see specifications)
Code: AC09


Our Phoenix & Peony silk sash is made from a mid-weight silk twill printed in Como, Italy. The soft madder finish we chose gives the sash a slight velvety touch and beautiful drape.

The phoenix is the characteristic emblem for Peranakan culture and rightly so, as it reminded babas (Peranakan Chinese) of the Southern Star, which unerringly guided their forefathers to the lands in Southeast Asia, where opportunities and riches awaited them.

When placed together with the peony, the distinctive phoenix-and-peony motif stands for peace and prosperity.

Green is the predominant colour of porcelain found in traditional Peranakan homes during the 19th century. It’s also the distinguishing colour of the Peranakan community.

For the Phoenix & Peony sash, we created a lime green shade using watercolour, to enhance the symbolic phoenix-and-peony motifs.

Wrap the sash around your bag handles, or wear it as a waist sash, head band, hat band, or perhaps as a knotted necklace - feel free to experiment!


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